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Dust collector cyclone

Dust collector cyclone


I have a cheap 60€ dry/wet vacuum but it does not work that good with dust since the dust is collected inside the filter and aftre 15-20minutes the suction power is decreased because the filter is fed up with dust. So i found out a dust collector but i didnt want to pay 100-300€ on brand dust cyclone so i searched Thingiverse and found this

The model was printed without support using a 0.6mm nozzle and 10% infill. Speed was set to 80mm/min BUT was reduced in Octoprint to 70% so something like 56mm/min to prevent filament clicking in extruder (prevent clogging, etc).

Then i bought a 10L plastic bucket with a lid from my local food retailer store. Its going to be the dust collector and the cyclone will be installed to the lid. If all goes like in fairy tales, the dust will be collected int this bucket and my vacuum cleaner filter will not get that dusty OR, then its just filling in same way but a little slower from the finest dust that will go through this cyclone.

The top part of the cyclone is as shown below. I tought 10% infill is not enough but it really is enough with 0.6mm nozzle and 2 wall lines (1.2mm thick walls).

The bottom part on the left side will be screwed on the lid of the plastic bucket. After Both parts were done it was time to screw the lower part on the bucket lid.

Now some assembling of upper part and a hose adapted and ready to be tested.

The cyclone was hooked after the vacuumer and tested without a hose since the adapter was of wrong size for my 55mm saw dust hose. Any way it works very well at least with hand drilled “dust”. The vacuum was totally EMPTY! Very nice indeed. Didnt expect this good functioning 🙂
Next up at some point needed to test with real small dust -> does it also go into bucket ? Lets see…

So after many hours of using this it still works!

This cyclone really works with all kind of dust. Even really light wood dust drops down to the separate white bucket after many hours of testing. Nothing in the wet/dry vacuum container!

Make this is you want ongoing 100% suction power all the time!

No image on the latest dust results but trust me, it works!

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