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First Proto Plate Test Run

First Proto Plate Test Run


So here we are. Finally!!! First actual test runs running a GCode to make something with the machine.
This has been waited for long.

So first off the Z axis was trammed which means that you make a pocket in X direction and another pocket in Y direction and check how much the router bit leans compared to the surface. With no noticeable edges left from the pocket tram runs, means the router is leveled good.
In my case X axis was “perfect” and Y axis had slightly inclination so that needs maybe some adjusting. It can be done by loosing the upper rail and putting some shim material between profile and rail or similarly between the hgh15 blocks and the Z-carriage plate -> I haven’t decided yet how its going to be done.

Anyways first test runs in Gcode seems promising. Even if I only can do like 5000mm/min movements, may be that that kind of speed is hard to achieve when working with wood or this is just what I now think. I may be totally wrong 🙂 but the future will show that.

Next up will be some more testing so I can be sure the machine is able to perform on aluminum.

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