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Making Motor mount plates out of aluminum

Making Motor mount plates out of aluminum


One week ago i milled the aluminum motor plates for all axises. While Milling one set, the 1 fluted 4mm bit got jammed on an aluminum piece that was not secured with tabs and my Makita RT0700 got destroyed 🙁
The garage fuse was not fast enough. But luckily i got a replacement in 2 days and i was able to finish the aluminum plates.

The plates were deburred with a 3mm 50degree V bit ment for aluminum milling. The final result was good.

Also since the aluminum chips is flying every where, a pvc dust shoe was made to be able to see whats happening under the bursh as well as keeping most of the chips inside the dust shoe and vacuumed to a container hooked below the cyclone.

Next up only the Y gantry plates are to be milled out of 20mm thick aluminum plates.

All the milled aluminum plates were bought from kauppa.al-men.fi

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