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Opt Lasers PLH3D series laser modules

Opt Lasers PLH3D series laser modules


Opt Lasers provides good quality and range of laser diode driven cnc lasers for engraving and cutting. The lasers are blue lasers working on a wavelength of 445[nm]. They have models with true optical output power of 0.5W, 2W, 6W and 15W laser. The 6W laser module introduces couple of different setups from default high resolution lens to uSpot lens and high pressure air-assist nozzle. There is also a XT-50 high resolution module with a 50µm (0.05mm) beam width and an other XT-10 with 10µm (0.01mm) . The XT-10 has 0.5W optical output power while the XT-50 has 6W optical output power.

Opt Lasers heads can be used both for enthusiasts/hobby and even industrial purposes because they can deliver custom solutions on demand.

Opt Lasers PLH3D product line modules are designed to work with following CNC machine mount kits (each machine has its own kit)

  • X-Carve and Shapeoko
  • Workbee / Lead CNC
  • Onefinity CNC
  • i2R
  • CNC4newbie front or side mount
  • EleksLaser
  • Universal kit

The PLH3D is compatible with following controllers

  • Azteeg X3
  • CNC Shark
  • GeckoDrive 540
  • Lulzbot
  • MakerBot Replicator1 and Clones
  • MakerBot Thing-O-Matic
  • MakerGear M2
  • MakiBOX
  • Openbuilds – C Beam/OX
  • PrintRBot Upgrade
  • Planet-CNC MK3 controllers (MK2 does not have PWM control so it doesnt work)
  • Replicator 2 and 2X
  • RepRap – Melzi Board
  • RepRap – RAMPS1.4
  • RepRap – RUMBA
  • Rigidbot
  • Shapeoko 2
  • Shapeoko 3
  • Solidoodle
  • Stepcraft
  • Ultimaker 1 & 2
  • Velleman K8200
  • X Controller
  • X-Carve Upgrade
  • Zen Toolworks


PLH3D-2W works with 12-24VDC and consumes max 16W. The optical output power is 2W. The weight of the module is 70g. The beam size @30mm focus is 0.07 x 0.1 mm.


PLH3D-6W-XF+ works with 19-24VDC and consumes max 30W. The optical output power is 6W. The weight of the module is 220g.

The beam sizes of the Opt Lasers 6W differ depending on which lens i attached but the uSpot has a beam size of 180µm (0.18mm). Focus distance is 60mm.

uSpot beam size

The most cut efficient setup would be to have the 6W module with a uSpot lens and High pressure air-assist nozzle.
The kit for module + uSpot can be found here. The High pressure air-assist nozzle is giving the best cutting performance for the laser but is also good for engraving since it reduces smoke stains seen on the material surface.

High pressure air-assist nozzle

See more application where the 6W laser can be used from eg. instagram.com/cncpaja



The Opt Lasers 6W XT-50 has the same input specifications as the 6W-XF+ module with optical output power of 6W. The thing that differs is the module dimensions. Its slightly longer in height dimension The beam size of the XT-50 model is even smaller than the uSpot -> 50µm (0.05mm). Focus distance is 55mm.


The Opt Lasers 6W XT-10 works with 12-24VDC and consumes max 15W power. Optical output power is 0.5W which allows for the ultimately small beam width. The Dimension is same as XT-50. The beam size of the XT-10 model is as small as 10µm (0.01mm). Focus distance is 55mm.


The Opt Lasers 15W module works with 19-24VDC with a max power consumption of 85W. Optical output power is 15W. The weight of the module is 790g. The focused beam spot of the 15W module measures less than 180 µm (<0.18mm). The focus distance is around 30mm.


It isn’t obvious what module you should choose. Here are some things I gathered for you to make it a little more easier to make the choice. While a 6W module is really good option for engraving, its also very good option for cutting. It depends on what kind of purpose you intend to use the modules. Same applies to the 15W model. While the 15W model is more efficient in cutting, its also faster in engraving processes since the feed rate can be higher to achieve same results when comparing to 6W module.

Find out the link to the product in Opt Lasers webstore from the bold subject!

Choose 2W if

  • You want to engrave with good resolution on wood.
  • You want to engrave on leather
  • You want to cut thin materials like sheets of paper or cardboard or some clothe fibers.

Choose 6W XF+ or XF+ uSpot if

  • You want to engrave with good resolution and fast on materials like wood.
  • You want to cut ~3-5mm ply wood
  • You want to cut opaque acrylics i.e. colored acrylics. (Clear acrylics cannot be cutted, but can be engraved)
  • You want the ability to engrave even on steel.
  • You want to engrave on stone, ceramics and plastic.

Choose XT-10 if

  • You want to engrave with extremely high resolution
  • You want to engrave like 1mm high texts with high resolution
  • You want to work with tiny projects.

Choose XT-50 if

  • You want to engrave with high resolution
  • You want to make rubber stamps
  • You want to cut some thinner materials like foils or textiles faster than with 6W XF+ module
  • You want to engrave on steel with great results.
  • You want to engrave on stone, ceramics and plastic.

Choose 15W if

  • You prefer cutting materials more or less 3x times fastercompare to 6W XF+
  • You prefer faster engraving of steel
  • You have a production line and want to get cuts faster.
  • You want to engrave on stone, ceramics and plastic.

More detailed Cutting and Engraving specifications of the different modules can be found from this link -> https://optlasersgrav.com/material-laser-cutting-tests

3D models and related files can be found here

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