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Y-Axis Gantry Plate Prototypes

Y-Axis Gantry Plate Prototypes


The Y-Axis gantry plate was machined with my old smaller 300x400mm work area CNC. The holes for M5 bolts are 50mm wide and has sink holes for the hats of the bolts.

As wood material, a film veneer was used which is much stiffer than tradition traditional ply woods. Its also more resistant for water. The routing speed that was used was 600mm/min and a step-down of 2mm. The routing bit is a diamond multi-toothed 3mm diameter bit. The finish is really good without the need of sanding.

After the job was done, a band saw was used to cut out the plates that is held together with tabs. The tab sizes are 3x2mm and are located in a way that the piece is not loose while routing.

The plate was finished with a file and by sanding the rest of tabs away. The gantry plate was fastened on the aluminum X axis bar 40160 profile (Ratrig).

When i took a test image of my setup i couldn’t resist mentioning also my fishing catch and release pike in late august 2006. One of my shoes was also missing after the struggle. It was quite a struggle and took almost 30 minutes to get the big fish up. Basically it wrapped itself and the line around sea weed and its head was pulled up above the water surface. from there we were able to lift it up in the canoe and after the weight measurement I released the beast.

The second gantry plate was routed using a dust shoe that was printed from PLA filament. It modified using an original from Thingiverse. The model was divided into 2 pieces. the vacuum hose mount part and the brush part and they can be connected magnetically. The Dust shoe is fixed to the router so its moving when router moves (Also in Z direction).

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