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Y-Axis motor mount end plate prototypes

Y-Axis motor mount end plate prototypes


So after the planning work it was time to route the prototype mount plates on 12mm thick birch plywood.

I sanded them and screwed them onto the RatRig 40160 profile using M8 t-slot nuts and hex bolt of 20mm long.

They seemed to work well but the holes for the BK12 and motor mount was a little to wide as 6mm… They should be 5.5mm to be able to thread them as M6 size. Also The holes for BK12 and motor mount was off by ~5mm so they need to be designed properly -> so a new front mount plate needs to be done. Also The M6 bolts were a little too long. 40mm bolts is enough.

All in all, the whole ball screw mechanism could be installed and assembled and a motor could be hooked up to the ball screw nicely but i need to wait for the closed loop ihss57-36-20 stepper motors to arrive so that i can properly check how the plastic mount holds.

So next up is to make the other Y axis mount plates.

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