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Electronic Wirings from Motor to Power supply

Electronic Wirings from Motor to Power supply


Since the printed motor mounts are too flexible to use with the CNC machine, some steel HM12-57 mounts with C5 bearings was ordered from AliExpress. Mean while, the electronic wirings between Motors, fuse box and power supply was started.

First wires from motors was taken to the fusebox using abiko connectors. The stuff was bought from a local retailer called Motonet for around 35€.

The fuse box was “loaded” with 6x 5A car fuses. 3x +terminal wires was wired to the fuse box center conductor. After this each fuse can be connected to each motor separately so that all motors are behind a 5A fuse. Motor specs states 4.2A for the iHSS57-36-20 motors. The GND (black) wires are wired directly from motor to the power supply GND.
The power supply is adjusted to 45VDC output (By default 48VDC).

All parts can be found from Partners page.

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