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Setting up the new cnc and disassembling old cnc

Setting up the new cnc and disassembling old cnc


Setting up AC electric wirings and DC wirings for the CNC is ongoing. I took the on/off switch from the old saw table that was used as table for the old fireball v90.

After this someone was showing interest in the fireball v90 so i started to disassemble the enclosure and taking apart the machine. Tomorrow that contact will take tha old machine to a new home for refurbishment! Nice.

So the buyer will take the old stepper motors, end switches and the cnc frame but the aluminum t-slot plates is left for comming projects.

Yesterday i also go the Incra rails from Nettiverstas. They are used in combination with spoil board pieces to build up as a fixing bed for the CNC. The rails are quite sturdy but they still probably need some plates underneath them to be even more sturdy.

For the bed plate i chose to use my left over wooden chip panels even if it was not out from one piece… They were sawed to a width to fit the V-slot rails that also was ordered from Nettiverstas.

Then for the spoil board, some pine shelf plates was used to be placed between the Incra T-slot rails. The shelf plates were 200x1200x18mm so they needed to be sawn into 100x1000x18 pieces. The chip panel thickness is around 11mm. Incra rails are 19×12.7mm so with this combination there will be around 5mm from top of Incra rails to the top of the spoil board surface which will prevent eg. wooden router bits to hit the rails and get worn or broken.

Next up the bottom frame bridges needs some legs to prevent the bed to bend from the center. For this the 11mm thick chip board will be used and sanded to fit perfectly under the V-slot profiles. Also the spoil board plates needs to be painted with something to prevent oil or water to get into the wood and expand them… Lots still to do while waiting for the HM12 mounts that was shipped out today somewhere from china. Expect to get them in 2 weeks.
Also the T-slot nuts that was sent back to sender because of some air handover failure (AliExpress), resent them a couple of days ago.

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