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3D Printed Nema23 Mount for BK12 Bracket.

3D Printed Nema23 Mount for BK12 Bracket.


What is this ?
Its a mount for the stepper motors that should be possible to be mounted on the BK12 bearing bracket where the 1605 size ball screw is attached in order to be able to skip motor mounting plate and holes machining on the aluminum. Of course I need to make mounting holes for the bracket but I don’t need to make a mount plate which saves a little in costs.

These can be bought also eg. in AliExpress for 10-30$ depending if its aluminum or steel. They are called HM12.

First of to test the Thingiverse model, the model was imported into Tinkercad and modified so that it doesn’t have ready made supports which makes the print time even with 10% infill 6½ hours. I couldn’t find a nema23 to bk12 mount even from Grabcad and only one I found in Thingiverse.

The idea is to remove those tree type supports and after a couple of hours the model is quite clean to be imported to Ultimaker Cura to generate its own supports which actually isn’t even needed on this model.

The modified model was sent to Ultimaker Cura and printed on my Creality Ender 3 V2 and sliced with 5% infill, speed 50. The print time will be ~4h.

Cura is connected to Local network OctoPi server. This allows me to use my computer independently while OctoPi (running on Raspberry pi 3) controls the printer. This means i can turn of computer and print continues normally and I can monitor the print progress either by GCODE simulation view or if a USBcamera is connected to the Raspberry, I can visually see what’s going on.

Next up the print process using black PLA filament bought from local store called Clas Ohlson.

The print came out nicely but i was a little sceptic about how Nema23 and the BK12 bracket would fit but is was surprised when assembling the parts and they fitted very well. Actually so well that I don’t probably need to print the part in 100% infill. It could be a little more than 5% but something between 10-50% is enough…

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