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Rubber gaskets to lift up the main frame

Rubber gaskets to lift up the main frame


To reduce some vibrations that may cause metallic noise, rubber gaskets are used under the main frame. The rubber gasket was a 150x200x30mm plate which was sawed with desktop band saw.

The rubber plate was sawn in around 40x75mm pieces. Plan is to install them at least 3 per Y Axis. In this way the bottom aluminum frame profiles will get < 10mm up from the surface which makes it possible to adjust them in a straight angle since the table is not straight planar surface (As expected for a second hand table…)

Some brackets needs to possibly be printed so that the rubber gaskets can be fixed to the frame. Also the spacing between the v-slot aluminum frames and the table need to be planned since it has not been thought of yet…

Most of the parts used in the project can be found from the Partners page.

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