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Vertically Adjustable 1605 Nut hosing screw holes

Vertically Adjustable 1605 Nut hosing screw holes


There was a problem with the nut hosing alignment vertically with fixed screw holes so some vertically adjustable screw holes had to be routed on the existing Y gantry plates.

The plate was aligned by eye in a straight line compared to the cnc machine and the 3mm routing bit was Zeroed by going to the left edge of the plate and jogged so that it hits the edge. Then jogged the bit up and moved it 1.5mm to the right and zeroed the X axis. Same was don to Y axis -> Jogged Y axis to bottom edge and the moved the Y axis 1.5mm and zeroed y.

Why it was not done more precise is the fact that it didn’t need to be that precise. It does not need to exactly vertical. Main point is that it can be adjustable in vertical direction. If the vertically adjustable screw holes was tilting a bit, it would not have made any difference.

This modification was made to both Y gantry plates on right and left side of the machine.
Now the Nut hosing fits and is aligned with the 1605 nut.

I started to think, maybe the aluminum version from Al-Men could have some adjustability for the HGH block screw holes as well but this needs to be considered later. Currently the X gantry plate is in design and the ball screw was decided to be placed in same way on top of the Ratrig aluminum profile as the Y axis ball screws are since the “between the rails” installation would be much more harder to implement since the ball screw was only 1050mm long while profile is 1000mm and the Y gantry plates are 20mm each. The ball screw would have needed to be around 1100mm to be able to install it between the rails. This design also makes it easier since i don’t have to make a +10mm plate between the HGH20 blocks and the X gantry plate so that the nut hosing would fit between x gantry plate and aluminum profile.

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